Chinese Consulate General in New York Holds an Open Day: Dialogue with Gen Alpha of the US
2023-05-24 21:58

On May 23, 2023, Chinese Consulate General in New York held an Open Day: Dialogue with Gen Alpha of the US. Nearly 80 students and teachers from a middle school in Pennsylvania came to the Consulate and had friendly interactions with Chinese diplomats. Chinese Consul General in New York attended the event and delivered remarks. Deputy Consul General Qian Jin, the school teachers, Director of Education of World Affair Council of Philadelphia also attended.

Huang Ping welcomed all the young guests to the Consulate, and said in his remarks that youth represents the future, sharing his thoughts that young students in the US embody the future of the American Dream, shoulder the responsibility of China-US relations, and bear the future of the world. He also encouraged those future diplomats to always keep the spirit of curiosity, inclusiveness and empathy on the journey towards their dreams. 

After the brief introduction of the function of the Consulate and the offices therein by all diplomats presented at the event, students raised questions of their interests one after another, ranging from the routine work of the Consulate to the most challenging task of the Consul General under current situation. Huang Ping and other diplomats shared their opinions.

The event lasted for nearly 3 hours in happy and friendly atmosphere. All the guests enjoyed themselves in the books on China, Chinese food and the deep discussion with diplomats in the Consulate. They hope to visit China in person in the near future.